Trump III

Landlord & Part-Owner

BEVERLY: [voice-over] Trump tried for five years to develop this project but he couldn't get financing until he joined forces with a group of Hong Kong investors.

DONALD: I was in deep trouble with that particular project a while ago....

BEVERLY: You had to sell off alot of the debt for it --

DONALD: No -- No --

BEVERLY: -- to keep it going.

DONALD: -- no. I didn't have to sell off the debt. I had sold off some of the equity in order to buy out the mortgage, in order to get rid of the debt that I had. And now, I'm partner with New World and a tremendous group of investors in the development of the west side. So --

BEVERLY: How much control went with that?

DONALD: Well, I-- I mean, you know, I have partners now. And I have really good partners, but I have partners. learn alot about loyalty. There were some people that were very loyal to me. There were others, people who weren't.

And now they are calling and they're -- excuse the word, and I shouldn't say this on CNN - but they're kissing my ass. I don't take their phone calls. And if I have a chance to do worse than that, I certainly will.

BEVERLY: You were hurt?

DONALD: Yeah, there were a couple of people that absolutely could have helped me on certain little elements that didn't, where I end up going to war with those people. And they just weren't there, and they should have been.

BEVERLY: Do you think about revenge?

DONALD: Oh, absolutely.


Pinnacle 6:30 pm ET
December 25, 1994

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