In March of 1995, William lived in a shack in the Amtrack tunnels
that open onto the site of Trump's development.
Here, he tells about living in the tunnels, and how he became homeless,

He also mentions Marc Singer , who was at the time filming a documentary
later released as Dark Days.


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One guy, well I ain't going to tell about it,
but there's this one guy making a video of the homeless.

And he comes over here once in a while
and he works...he talks to us
and he tells us, you know, just be yourself.

Just tell why you're homeless...
I'm homeless because I had a problem with my family.

I just left, you know?
Nobody knew where I went at,
nobody knew.


That's Donald Trump's shit
I know about that. The man's got money
so, he's not trying to run us out
but he's just telling us that....

OK, about 3 weeks ago
this guy, a homeless guy
something was wrong with him
and he suicide himself.

One of the trains was coming this way,
he got in front of it.
Then, the Amtrack police came,
and they tell us that we got to move
because, they got work over here
they got to fix the highway

they tell us we got to move May, or April
from 96th street down.
so we say OK , no problem, you know.
They say, you got to bring down the house
no problem, you know
we'll stash it here.


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