and of their prayers...


air abode
breathe our baking bread...



..that we bake thee...

...and in garden be our dwelling




babbling like infants
grasping at what they could
they looked around
and gave each thing its name.

(Serious Again)

They strayed
their tongues were split
set each against the other.



In the time of the invasions
we raised a hero in their midst
to him we gave the strength of twelve.

Yes, twelve
such as the earth breeds now.


With his arms alone
he raised the stone
and hurled it at his foe.

But he was seized as in a trance.
His strength faltered.
The stone fell from his hands.


And became this pile of earth,
with metal pipe,
cables, concrete blocks,
rebar and parts of car...

The history is unclear
on that point.

It is written:
he knew himself neither to hold {the stone}
nor let it fall.

...corregated iron and stoves...


The river then came further inland,
to where the city now begins.


The artifacts have grown obscure
under layers of earth

outliving their purpose.


...boat anchors, bricks, beams, hubs, wheels,
anvils, rusted bolts, and railway ties ...


...pump handles and gears adorned;

strewn with scraps of newspaper, pottery shards, memos, lost letters and other deeds engraved.


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